YouTube in 2024: Maximizing Earnings for Creators

YouTube in 2024 Maximizing Earnings for Creators

YouTube in 2024: Maximizing Earnings for Creators

Wondering how to earn cash on YouTube? There’s a huge chance right now to make money from videos. YouTube’s a massive crowd tuning in daily, watching many videos weekly. 

And get this—YouTube’s ad revenue could hit an amazing $30.4 billion in 2023. But turning those views into dollars isn’t just luck. Posting videos or spreading the word about your channel is not enough. You’ve got to have a plan.

That’s why we put together this guide on earning money on YouTube and what to expect as you go. We’ve included tried-and-true ways to make money and some new, exciting methods for 2023.

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10 Ways to Make Money on Youtube 

Recent figures reveal YouTube as a treasure trove for video makers, but earning cash from YouTube isn’t straightforward. Makers must avoid trading in the fun or realness of their work for money. 

But the upside? There’s no single correct method to cash in on your clips. You’ve got various choices depending on what you make, who watches, and how you market. 

Let’s check out 10 ways you can profit from your YouTube videos and how each method functions.

  1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

No big shock – the YouTube Partner Program lets creators make money from advertisements on their videos. Let’s briefly examine what you need for YouTube’s Partner requirements. To meet their monetization rules, you should have:

  • 4,000 actual public watch hours over the last year or 10 million legit public Shorts views in the last 90 days
  • 1,000 subscribers
  • A working Google AdSense account connected to your channel

You’ve likely seen lots of ads on YouTube. Ads that show up during videos to those who play before they start are an easy way to earn cash on YouTube.

When you consider how much cash you can earn from ads, it’s hard to give a clear-cut answer because lots of things come into play. These things include who’s watching your videos, like where they live and how old they are, whether there are advertisers who match what your video is about, what kind of content you make, and what field it’s in.

YouTube itself says there are no promises about how much money you’ll make. Most of what you hear is just what someone else experienced.

In the past, you might have made about $1 for every 1000 views, but that’s not the case now. YouTube has changed how it works, how you join the Partner Program, and what rules there are for ads. Take YouTube Kids, for example. They have strict rules about ads, and they don’t let you use many of the usual ad types and ways of picking who sees your ads if the video is for kids.

It’s all about getting lots of views. You’ve got to have thousands or even millions of views on your videos if you want to make some real money.

That makes sense if you’re unsure about having ads on your channel. Remember, making money shouldn’t stop your channel from growing.

Putting too many ads you can’t skip in your videos can make them hard to watch. But having some ads here and there is fair and okay.

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  1.  Boost your channel by offering subscription-based memberships to your followers.

YouTube’s channel memberships aim to help creators earn income. Picture memberships are similar to a Patreon or Twitch subscription. 

Viewers pay monthly for unique channel-related benefits, such as private videos, special chat icons, and extras. The rewards depend on the level of membership chosen.

This feature is most relevant to creators who post content to YouTube rather than treat it as a secondary channel. Memberships make perfect sense if you’re doing regular live streams or posting daily. Currently, the eligibility for channel memberships is almost identical to the Partner Program.

  1. Include links for advertising in your video descriptions.

Earning cash on YouTube is a breeze with promo links—no need to rely on ads. Think of your video descriptions as prime space; you’ve got a generous 5000-character limit. Steering your audience to crucial links just makes sense. Take a creator, for instance. They could direct people to:

  • A freebie, like a course or a downloadable thing
  • Their own website
  • Their products on their online store
  1. Showcase sponsors in your video content.

Endorsed YouTube videos are a hit with both established and rising video makers. You’re actively showcasing a company during your clip by doing sponsored segments. Usually, shout-outs happen at the start or close of the clip, and because they’re embedded in your content, viewers can’t skip them.

Viewers often critique sponsored content without connection to the influencer, their videos, or the audience. Ideal sponsorships blend creatively without disrupting the influencer’s usual approach. Beauty Within’s collaboration with Whind, a skincare company, is a notable instance.

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  1. Release videos that highlight and promote your products.

Branded videos are made to market a product or service. There are different kinds of these videos:

  • A brand pays the creator for making content or doing a review.
  • The brand gives the creator guidelines on what to say (like what influencers or brand reps do).
  • The creator makes a video about a brand to get money from sales they help make.

These videos are popular with beauty and skincare brands, where creators film themselves opening PR gift boxes.

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  1.  Utilize affiliate marketing to boost sales.

Affiliate marketing is all about using your clout to boost sales for other companies. As a content creator, you can collaborate with companies to feature their goods or services in your work.

Here’s the deal: discuss items in your videos, then offer an easy way for folks to look.

Each time someone clicks your link and buys something, you’ll receive a slice of the money. This is suitable for everyone—companies see more people checking out their stuff and buying, and you’ll receive some of the cash made.

You can include affiliate links without breaking YouTube’s rules, but there’s a specific policy for outside links. Always check YouTube’s rules before adding links to your content.

  1. Leverage online fundraising platforms.

Crowdfunding is an intelligent way to build community while raising money for your content. It’s like having your audience pitch in to help with your upcoming big idea. 

Sites like Patreon let your fans give a set amount each month, and in return, they get unique stuff like behind-the-scenes looks, personal shoutouts, or first dibs on your latest videos.

Take the example of the cooking show Made With Lau; they have three different ways to join in on Patreon. They also remember to link their Patreon page in every video’s description. 

You might also want to look at other crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo for your artistic ventures. Just let your viewers know where to go with a link, and always follow through with what you promise.

  1. Market goods and personalized items.

Peddling your branded merchandise on YouTube is a clever way to make cash, increase your profile, and strengthen ties with your audience. However, this online retail method shines when dedicated fans are ready to buy your products. 

Depending on your specialization, you might hawk personalized tees, sweaters, cups, hats, or artwork. Have a meme, a saying, or an emblem that’s all yours? Turn that into special gear for your fans.

You can access numerous resources to craft and dispatch merchandise without holding stock. Some favored merch platforms for YouTubers include Printify, Teespring, and Bonfire. 

For custom designs, you might engage freelance creators on Fiverr or employ Canva to make your designs to give to producers.

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  1. Activate YouTube Super Chat & Super Stickers

A great feature of YouTube is the ability to interact with viewers immediately and monetize that interaction through Super Chat and Stickers. 

Here’s the mechanism: In live streams, viewers have the option to pay to make their chat messages stand out. They can also purchase Super Stickers, animated graphics that appear during the live chat. 

When you run frequent live streams, Super Chats and Stickers greatly enhance viewer interaction on YouTube, increase your earnings, and give your viewers a sense of joy. Activate Super Chat in your monetization preferences.

Remember to thank those who contribute to your channel and invest to capture your notice.

  1. Allow media companies to use your videos. 

If your video goes viral or captures something fresh and attention-grabbing, other websites or TV stations might want to share it. They can do this through licensing, which means they pay you to use your clip. This can help you make money from work you’ve already done and get your video seen by more people. 

You can either reach out to media companies yourself or wait for them to come to you. Another option is putting your video on Junkin Media so news sites and TV channels can easily buy your stuff.

Making Money On YouTube: Quick Insights And Common Questions

To conclude, let’s review the frequent queries we receive about earning income on YouTube.

How many views do you need to earn cash on YouTube? 

No set number of views is required to start earning on the platform. Numerous factors play a role, and reported earnings vary. The Influencer Marketing Hub suggests that a typical YouTuber earns about $18 for every 1000 views, roughly 1.8 cents per view. YouTuber 

Shelby Church detailed a video that got 2.2 million views and brought in $743 from ads, approximately 34 cents per 1000 views. She pointed out that the video’s overall appeal, viewer age, and demographic significantly influence earnings.

Simply put, having more views on YouTube doesn’t guarantee a bigger income.

How many subscribers do you need to earn cash on YouTube? 

You can’t point to a specific subscriber count to start earning on YouTube. Those building a living on YouTube post regularly and build up communities. Even if you have many subscribers, you’ll still need to make more money.

The way YouTube’s ad system works doesn’t offer a clear-cut answer. Tools like SocialBlade can give us a rough idea of what to expect, but earnings vary widely. For instance, a YouTuber with 90,000 subscribers could be making anything from $200 to $3,400 each month.

Our tip: Do not see your audience just as an income source. Prioritize building a strong community before stressing over making money.

 How do you make money on YouTube without posting videos?

Earning cash on YouTube without uploading your videos is doable, but it’s not the best strategy. Think about it – brands don’t expand on Instagram using TikTok content, right? The same goes for each platform; they all have their unique types of videos, vibes, and what viewers expect.

However, you can try some methods to make money, like sharing existing content on YouTube. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Share your Instagram Reels or TikTok videos as YouTube Shorts.
  • Convert webinars, talks, or PowerPoint presentations into YouTube videos.
  • Take your live streams from Twitch or Instagram and post them as longer YouTube videos.

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